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How Do We Help?

Your tax returns can be completed remotely and sent directly to you. The IRD is becoming more diligent when it comes to drivers not paying the right amount in taxes. You need to be prepared and we can help.

Learn The Expenditures You Can Claim

Expenditures can be a key way to guarantee that you are not paying any more in tax then you should be. Understanding your expenditures can be a complex issue. We keep things simple and provide direct answers to any queries that you may have. If you are worried about filling out your expenditures correctly, we’ll assist you every step of the way.

Get in touch now and discover how easy it can be to manage the taxes for your own rideshare business.

Taxi Tax helped me understand what expenses I can claim and took care of all my tax needs removing a huge amount of stress from my life.

– Robert Jonson

Rideshare Tax Made Easy with Taxi Tax

With Taxi Tax you have no reason to fear the IRD, we have the expertise to get the most out of your tax.


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